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From Flooring to Ceiling & Wall Cladding

At St. Clements Trim Inc. our team works closely with you to create something unique and special. One of the ways we do this is by listening to what you want to do with wood and helping you to make it possible. If you want flooring that is custom cut for your home, turn to us. We can also help you with crafted unique, even one-of-a-kind items that you can use for promotional and giveaways. It is a fun, exciting process that you get to be a part of when you work with us.

Finding the Right Look for Your Needs
Our flooring services are comprehensive. We offer a wide range of tools that allow us to custom cut virtually any species of wood to fit any need. Whether you have an intricate problem that you need to correct or you want to carve out something special for your project, allow our team to help you. We can also produce the wood flooring you plan to install in your home, creating that rustic feel you are hoping to achieve.

Promotional and Giveaways
Many times, our clients come to us with the need to have something special and unique that they can use as promotional and giveaways. If you want to have something customized, perhaps with your company’s brand or logo on it, we can help you. Talk to our team about your options from beautiful chairs to frames. We can help you to choose an item that works for your promotional event or use your design to create something that is just right.
For those who need custom, beautiful pieces of wood products, turn to St. Clements Trim Inc. Our team is here to work closely with you to create custom pieces that are just right for your project.

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