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Trim Molding

Trim Molding Can Add Character to Any Room

There are many ways to add interest and character to your home, but the right trim molding really makes the difference. Trim is not easy to do – it takes a careful eye and a bit of artisan touch to get it just right. When done well, it can add value and beauty to any home, creating quite a spectacular statement. On the other hand, it can also be very simple and clean, adding to the modern appeal of the space. At St. Clements Trim Inc., we can help you to create the trim molding that is just right for you.

Customized Shapes and Styles
One of the first steps is to design trim molding to fit virtually any need. For example, you may want trim molding that is several layers thick, with an intricate pattern that blends together seamlessly. You can make them as customized and complex as you like here, adding in a variety of features, decorative elements, and even unique shapes. This is your space. Making it just the way you desire is always our goal.

CNC Milling
Another of the key services we offer at St. Clements Trim Inc. is CNC wood milling. This is perhaps one of the best ways to create the details you desire on any type of wood product. We can do virtually any project on our large table, which includes using various types of wood to create those intricate, unique designs. We encourage you to create a complex and even intricate design. We are confident we can help make it unique. Keep in mind that we can create those beautifully beveled edges or a unique shape out of most wood materials and sometimes even plastic.
Find out more about the CNC wood milling as well and trim molding services we offer by giving our team a call today.

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